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The Pav trailers were manufactured in the Czech Republic, originally by "AVIA n.p". and later by "KOVOZAVODY SEMILY"by the Jawa company. Earliest examples made in the mid to late '50s, which pre-date the PAV 40. The PAV 40 debuted in approximately in 1958 or 1959. At some point the PAV 41 replaced the PAV 40 and was produced into the 70's. Pav trailers feature a 4 inch wheel and are rated to 80 Kph (about 45 Mph). They were frequently attached to Jawa motorcycles, although they make excellent accessories for Vespa, Lambretta, Cezeta, Heinkel, Fuji, Zundapp, Cushman, or any other vintage motorcycle, scooter or microcar (like Isetta or Messerschmitt). Most information gathered on these trailers has been supplied by Atti B. (Updates and new info provided by Petr I just recently learned that a singlewheel auto trailer, the PAV 100 was also built, but I don't know by which company above.
Pav with a Modern 125. A member of the Tampa group saw mine last year and bought one and professionally painted it. It is being pulled by a 125 Vino. Karen KE Ranes Evergreeenstella
Found this on Ebay: 1956 BMW Other 300 - This is a rare BMW Isetta Bubblewindow manufactured in February 1956 (according to the BMW museum in Munich). It was imported into England and sold in 1957 by John S Truscott Ltd, a London motor dealer. His label is still in the car. It is thought that there are 12 of these cars left in the UK and only 3 on the road. I am not sure how many there are in USA. The car is in London England so will need to be imported into the USA. It has been restored but is not in show condition but I would describe it as very good condition. All the mechanics (steering, brakes etc) have been renewed and the Engine was rebuilt approx 250 miles ago by Scrimenger Engineering, a specialist BMW engine builder. The floor and most of the body is original but the lower front wing panels have been replaced. You could bring it to show condition by a respray and perhaps the seat being recovered. I use the car once or twice a week for local trips and it is very reliable. I have used it occasionally this winter but it gets most outings in the summer months. It drives the best of all the Isettas I have owned (6) probably because the others were 3 wheelers. The car is similar to the 1955 car displayed in the Munich Museum except that the headlamps are the smaller type, and the Z moulding is not original. The car comes with its own trailor. This is a PAV single wheel trailer made in Czech Republic in the 1960s.
Hi, I`m from Germany, where the "joy of PAV " got alive in VESPAFORUM.DE! There are now about 8 - 10 Vespa getting an original PAV 40 / 41 in the last two years. Look at here : The pictures i send to you: 1. the PAV in original red on a Jawa-bike ( a boy from netherlands, where i got the PAV from ) 2. now in black on my Vespa 125gts i.E best regards, Ulrich Führer
Hello, I`m Ralf from germany. I have a Suzuki GN250 with a Velorex sidecar. And now there is a PAV on the Sidecar. The lid of the PAv can be changed against a dog-trailer cockpit. You can also get informations about my PAv-projekt. on my website: Ralf's Home PageThank you. Best regards Ralf
This is a project I'm working on. Last fall I picked up a PAv single wheeled trailer. I fabricated a trailer hitch out of conduit and had a friend weld the pieces together for me. I took it for it maiden voyage on Sunday. Went well, I still need to have some painting and powder coating done but I wanted to pass along the contraption as is.The bike is a 1958 BMW r60. The sidecar a Geko, made in Switzerland. The trailer a PAV 40. The trailer will be painted to match the sidecar. I'll send a completed photo in a month or 2. Thanks, Bruce
Hello! I found Your excellent singlewheel web-site and decided to sent You pictures of my trailer and motorbike. Bike is Jawa Typ 18, 1954 year model. Engine is 2 cylinder 2 stroke 344cc. Bike has been completely restored in 2002. In summer 2006 I found this PAV-trailer. I think it's PAV 41, but I'm not sure. Manufacturing year is mystery. Trailer was in good condition, I only changed the color to match with Jawa color. Trailer was painted silver and blue when I bought it. Keep on good work! Regards, Markku Lohvansuu Finland
here are a few pics of my modified pav just made a new bracket and welded to forks so keeping original fixing point so trailer can be returned to original state had a new basket made out of stainless for top of trailer thicker gauge and it won't rust. Dave
Hi! and thanks for a nice site! I really enjoy seeing all the different trailers you show and collect. I couldn't image there was so many different brands! I was baffled by the cute elderly and streamline look of a PAV i saw once at a bikeshow, I hadn't seen a one wheel trailer before but I decided then and there, such a trailer would fit behind my motocycle just right. I did a little research and was really lucky to find one on Ebay, in just spot on right colour and patina, and had it shipped from Germany to my place way up north in Sweden. Short after I found your eminent site. I also found my rubber sprung trailer (PAV41) is very easy to work with and all PAV parts thinkable is available from several sources, even a repro glass fibre body. I changed the tire, bearings and all the axles for safety and reduce play. Other than that the only modification I did was fixing minor dents, some waxing and cut the reflector bars to enchant the drop form. As the original taillight had a bit of 60's look to it I replaced it with a reproduced Indian motorcycle taillight, it felt better that way. I got an original taillight under renovation for the bike. I made extra stays under the rear mudgard and a fixture above, to completely avoid stress on the original paint mudguard. As I haven't been using the trailer for more than one trip it hasn't been dialed in yet, I'm not completely satisfyed as yet as it starts to sway at speeds above 80-85 kph (50-52 mph) loaded or unloaded, (my marching speed otherwise is 100-110 kph 62-68 mph) but below that it is really wonderful to tow and the packing capacity is a treat for a rough camper as me. My bike is an Indian Scout 1929, 750 cc (45 cuin.) tall geared and a little souped up. Have a nice day Carl-Erik
Found these pics on a Richard Lewis website who restored a Coffman single wheel as well.
Hi, I'm french, and in my english is poor. I've just restored a PAV40 for my vacancy. I send you a photo, more photo later. By Olivier PS : The car is a Martin Seven (lotus seven replica).
Please find the attached pics of my latest scooter/pav combo. The scooter is a modified 2005 Stella now capable of over 70mph [less trailer of coarse] Trailer is a matched PAV a side note they both match my 83 Camino SS. it carries both in the bed and will pull my 1950 teardrop camper to boot. I know it may be a slight overkill...but I really enjoy the attention [is vanity really a deadly sin??] Again you've got a great site. Thanks for your effort. Cabanaboy
Hello, I`m from Germany. Here are some pictures from my DIESELMOTORCYCLE (Sommer Hatz 462) with Pav 41 from 1972. I want to show it the German Tüv, perhaps somebody did it before and can give me some information. Greetings: Dirk Fam. Beilken
Hi! I'm from Germany and i look on your page for many month. Sorry, but my english is not so good.:) In last year, I try to register my Pav 40 Trailer on your Page, but nothing happens. I will be verry happy, to see my vespa with the pav on your page. Mfg Horst-Juergen Hill
Hello from Austria ! I send 3 photos of my pav 41 from 1972 (?) and my Honda XL 350 K3 from 1977. Hitch is homemade, will make a better one in wintertime. As you see,the trailer needs its own registration here in Austria! Best regards Patrick Lendl, Graz/Styria, Austria Patrick Lendl
Hallo, i like your site very much. Attached your will find a photo from a PAv-40 with my EMW R35 (Eisenacher Motorenwerk DDR) from 1954. More information about this motorcycle is her Best regards Thomas Jaekel
Hi there! Here are some pictures of my restored PAV 40 behind my Moto Guzzi V7 850 GT (sidecar) and Moto Guzzi T3 California. I bought the original from a Dutchman who imports Pav's. The price was Euro 350,00. After restoration its value now is Euro 600,00. Greetings from Bert Maastricht, Netherlands
I send you some pictures of my PAV from 1972, chassis nr. 2826 Benno Diekmann, Germany
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"Below is how it looked before we painted it to match (Picture 1). These scooters are 2003 Stellas. We upgraded to 12 volt electric and added tag lights too! Heres a closeup of the custom hitch we had fabricated. (Picture 3)" Karen Ranes Sanford Florida USA

Hi again. Just got the aftermarket rack for my PAv40. its actually for a 41. It is made of steel, so I primed it and painted it with chrome silver. We filled and redrilled new holes on the trailer cover to make it fit. Because of clearance issues with the rear box and rack on the scooter, we also had to add 3 inches in length to the trailer hitch. The rack makes the cover straighten out so the lock fit is very tight. The rack is actually slightly bent also. you can see the lower rungs in this photo. However even with these issues I can carry my beach chair. John did not want one for his PAv, although it would have worked much better as his has a smaller wheel (4") to my 6" wheel so it would be lower and thus not cause the problem of hitting the scooters rear rack. I also got a flat last week on the trailer and had it for several days before I even noticed it..the tire is so hard it will run flat. John got a convertable top for the sidecar. Heres another scooter with Pav 41 combo pic for your K.E. Ranes
I found this on Ebay "The trailer's body and frame are all metal, and it comes complete with its original swivel hitch. You must fabricate a simple bracket to attach it to your bike or car. No significant rust or other damage. It is an excellent candidate for restoration, but of course there are minor items that will need to be fixed (small dents, small holes from previously installed reflectors, light rust, etc.). As you will see in the pictures, the side poles are a bit bent out of shape, and the plastic reflectors for their tops are damaged or missing. There are also four holes in the top of the trailer from a rack that was once installed. The trailer has quite an amazing loading capacity and will get you an incredible amount of attention on the road. PAV trailers were only built in the Czech Republic in the 1960s and 1970s. They are pretty rare and hard to find, never having been marketed in the US."
"New! 4 inch tire "for PAV 40-41" NOTE no NOS but new remade. also 2 Pav 40 Trailer "se pics" i'n very good condition." Owned by Robert Hjort from Sweden
I found the gorgeous combo while surfing E-bay.
I given today two photos of the PAv 100 trailers. PAv 100 is automobile single wheel trailer, young brother from motorcycle trailer PAv 40 (41).
PAV 40 one wheel trailer from Czechoslovakia. This is a European one wheel trailer. They are seen being pulled by scooters and microcars around Europe.
Craig & Lisa Sent me the link for this trailer. The maroon one sold on E-Bay recently. While the other picture is the sellers, with his Vespa.
This is a 1959 PAV41 that Atti B. bought from the original owner.
This is Johnny Maw's trailer. It is an example of an early trailer, a pre-PAV40 model. It was recently (03/02) purchased and being brought to the US with the rest of this collection of scooters from Austria. Info supplied by Atti B
Submitted by Atti B. This is a group of trailers that were imported by Tom and Anna who are importing a few more currently. See the For Sale page for more details. The Yellow one is Anna's PAV 41.
Submitted by Atti B
This is an early pre-PAV40 model, I downloaded from this site. There is a ton of info on this site, but I can't read the language it is written in (Czech I'm guessing). Site submitted by Atti B.
Links to Other Sites with info on PAV trailers: If you can read Czech, I'd like to have these sites translated so that we here in the States can read it too.
Links to companies currently making trailers that resemble Pav trailers.
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